Why is there such a divide in the community?

I get comments on my posts say that my stats are shit so I’m shit at the game...but yet to that very same person random battles arnt competitive but yet random battles effect your personal rating so if they are shit you are shit. PERIOD.

On the other hand I get comments saying that shitting stats are fine and just to have fun with the game. 

Can we have a little respect for the veterans of the game?

  I’m talking the ones with 20,000+ battles with a 43% win rate and a PR of 4000. 

  I’m talking the ones who have 2500+ days on. 

  I’m talking the Light tanks that don’t spot in the beginning but then conduct a break through and find the enemy arty and TD positions. 

 Why is the average win rate 48.76?? Like that’s less than half. Who would want to play that kind of game? As I slowly enter the business world, I’m finally starting to see wargamings approach to the game. Keep the gold rounds flying so the money comes in. Keep the *actual* shitty players/newer players down so they spend money on free xp and boosters so they happen to have a chance of winning. 
  • if you actually read this whole thing, kudos and thank you, your the real ones-

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/jhfndo/divide_and_conquer/

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