Do you feel there are any classes/variations left to add to the game?

My thoughts were:

Commanders tanks- a passive spotting vehicle that could call in air strikes/ power up skills similar to frontline….maybe it could call in airdrop tanks that destroyed players to assume control of (tier 4 lights)

Anti Aircraft tanks- I was thinking a mobile tank that had a high tier auto cannon. People love their luchs and PZ1C, but we have no auto cannons at higher tiers.

Half track/wheeled Tank Destroyers. – Highly mobile and stealthy TDs with less powerful guns that can get into positions quickly and relocate quickly as well.

Stationary anti tank guns. – Perhaps a halftrack that can deploy a stationary gun (one tier below) that can be redeployed when destroyed. (I’m thinking like Mechanic TF2 or Torbjorn in Overwatch vibes with this one)

These are purely shower thoughts and I’m sure most of these wouldn’t fit the game.


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