Does Field Modification Feel Counter Productive to Anyone Else?

I just think a lot of these upgrades feel less like an upgrade and more like shooting yourself in the cock and balls.

Like, for example, Parallax Adjustment vs. Aiming Gear Lapping. What good is an aiming circle that’s .01-.02 better dispersion if you’re going to have an aim time that can be .20 seconds longer, or a shorter aim time if you’re going to be less accurate? (that exact comparison being for an ISI-152K with no other crew skills or equipment that effects aim time and accuracy, so the effect is even more prominent in this vehicle because of low accuracy and high aim time). It just seems like most of the choices literally cancel each other out entirely, what use is more accuracy if you can’t fucking aim in, and what use is a faster aim time if you can’t hit shit?

Personally, and maybe this is an unpopular opinion, i say that we should remove the negatives from field mods, and here’s why;

ANYBODY can play a tank 20-40 times and upgrade their field modifications accordingly. I mean, I have a fucking 46% win rate and I got a Skoda T56 up to level IV in two days thanks to Premium Multipliers (in turn, thanks to free premium). You’re not giving better players a significant advantage, or excluding “bad players” by removing the negatives, and the positives are small enough that they aren’t going to significantly impact the game. Nobody loses in this system, just let us choose one or the other without the drawbacks


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