Does the team for WoT Console is in touch with the team for WoT PC?

Today i tried out the console version of WoT and i have to say, i am pretty much impressed. I mean, there are things i don't like, like the steering with a controller (without hand brake, i literally can't steer on this platform) and i can't figure out the vision system used in WoT Console (neither can i find any tutorial on this thing), but there are many great things too, i would love to see in WoT PC.

For once, you can check the armor of your tank and even more importantly the position of your modules in the game. You don't need tanksgg or the Armorinspector to do that, you can just do it in the garage, it's really awesome. (sadly, this does not include effective armor thickness, but its a start)

The second thing is the number of vehicles avaiable. With that i don't mean that there are too few researchable tanks available on PC, but there are some neat ones on Console like the WT auf E100 (here with a 4 shot auto loader), the Sturmtiger (similar to the FV4005) or the Chieftain Mk. 6. I would really like the WT auf E100 to come back to PC, i don't care if it would have 1000 dpm for balance reasons i just want to have it for nostalgica.

Making the Feature of showing the chances of penetration tied to Equipment really is a great thing too for me. I think it's good to be able to see which parts of certain tanks i can pen, but you should be rewarded for knowing the weak spots of the tanks. In WoT Console, every tank comes with 4 equipment slots and one is automatically occupied with named equipment. You can sell it for 0 credits and just take any other equipment you want, i think it's really cool and would be a improvement for the PC version. (Not the 4 slots, but you should have the choice of sacrificing 1 out of 3 equipment slots for the pen. crossair, if you think you need it)

Maybe, one day, someone from WG will read this and be inspired to fulfill the wishes of my naive soul.


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