As u/soulcatcher357 posted recently, it takes an awful lot of games for an average player to get the a 46 for free. 150 battles, at the same time that steel hunter is running.

So, what's probably gonna happen: all the average players will spend an awful lot of time attempting these missions. HOWEVER, experienced players will play low tier to save the coins for other things, and so, any average – slightly above average players will probably spend 250 battles at the bare minimum.

Furthermore, the better players can place their multi skilled crews in those little tanks and have an awful advantage over the newer players.

AND THEN: people will buy the coins because it'll be too hard to complete the missions, and in the end, spending Al of their coins. Other players that can't be bothered will simply be recovering those little premiums to get the free coins and credits, and SPEND THEM ON THE A46.

I don't want this to happen fellas, but one going to be honest. Besides the coin purchase obviously being scam, I SERIOUSLY think that at the very last moment, WG will put the obj 780 on sale, rewarding all those players that were smart.

So I'm saying this: under no circumstances should you EVER SPEND YOUR COINS ON THE A 46


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