Drop Rate of Engineer Box’s

Trust by verify. Below are my calculated drop rate distribution per item for 108 Engineer boxes, 100 purchased and 8 from missions or drops:

Item QtyItemQtyCalculated Drop %WG Drop % Bin
1Personal Training Manual10.9%
1Crew Book65.6%
3Additional Experience Booster, 50% 1hr1312.0%
5Additional Experience Booster, 50% 1hr54.6%
3Credit Booster, 50% 1hr76.5%
5Credit Booster, 50% 1hr32.8%
5Demount Kit65.6%
52D Style54.6%
1Day Premium164.6%
3Day Premium76.5%
5Day Premium32.8%
1Event Decal1211.1%
1Engineer Starter21.9%5%
13D Style32.8%
1Premium Vehicle32.8%2.4%

Overall, WG was accurate with their overall distribution percentages 🙂 Clearly there are certain items more likely than others in the guaranteed set, expect 100,000 credits, 3 Additional Experience Boosters, and a single day of premium time as most likely outcomes (~12%). You will know you are lucky if your receive a Personal Training Manual Personal Training Manual as it is least likely to drop item (1%).

I am open to more data if anyone has a complete data set.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/pwsuix/drop_rate_of_engineer_boxs/

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