Early review of K-91-PT

I know I'm calling it early after only a few games in this thing, but holy crap is this thing fucking ever fun to play with.

What you get (In my current build with Bounty rammer/bond vents/turbo/food/BIA/camo/SA/Recon etc):

  • 3,700 DPM if you run full on bounty/bond equipment
  • 47% camo stationary with 30% moving
  • 450+ VR
  • 56 forwards with 25 backwards (TURBO BABYYYYY)
  • 21 HP/T
  • 330-350 effective manlet armor (Yes this includes HEAT)
  • 55 traverse speed
  • Tier 10 medium tank terrain resistances

Is it OP? I so want to call it fucking OP as shit BUT it does have the factor of the hull. So it's not roll on keyboard easy mode but it is so fucking fun to play with. High mobility combined with workable armor and high dpm with you able to practically run rings around opponents while they can't get around you because you out traverse them… Damn it's fun to play. Even in a brawling roll.

It's also not bad as a face hugger as people assume they can over-match the hull, but nope as it's 40mm you need 122mm and higher. Was mildly amusing to out maneuver a E-75 TS in close range while he bounced off the hull top.

However I also need to say it will not be for everyone. I know a lot of people will not like the 5.5 gun depression. Or the lack of hull armor. But if you know what you're doing and work with it's strengths which it's insanely strong in… It's down right fun… maybe silly.

Also go figure this thing magically has nearly as much camo as a ELC EVEN 90… and better camo then any tier 9 medium and better camo then nearly every tier 9 light tank other then EBR 90… and you also have better camo then the MUCH smaller Kunze? Fuck you Germans I guess. Russian carpet tank gets better camo then you.

Edit: My flair is suppose to be sarcastic not serious X.X

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/m5ykgr/early_review_of_k91pt/

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