Enough is Enough

Dearest Wargaming Decisionmakers,

I've been playing WOT since just before the pandemic really hit the wider world. In that time, I've had my share of ups and downs, gone from the tomatoiest of tomatoes to a consistent Lincoln Greentm, and paid for or been gifted 540 days of premium time, five Tier 8, three Tier 6, and one Tier 5 premium tanks. I had PLANNED to purchase the Improved Battle Pass this season, at least two more Tier 8 premiums, one Tier 7, and between 2 and 4 Tier 6 premiums tanks. I was even going to participate in this season of Ranked Battles!

Those plans are now over.

To be completely blunt, I will not be spending ANY more money with Wargaming until I see solid PROOF that the current trend of cash-grabby BS by the people who make the profit/loss decisions at Wargaming have changed course back toward a player-centric, as opposed to player-screwing, business model.

Evidence of cash-grabby BS is as follows:

  1. The ending of Tank Rewards
  2. The changing of Weekend Mission rewards from as many as 9 premium consumables to a mere 2.
  3. The extension of the Tech Tree grind by the addition of Field Modifications.
  4. The attempted extension of the high-skill crew grind by the addition of Crew 2.0
  5. The Strv K, a "premium" Tier 9 heavy tank with worse stats than the Tech Tree medium tank it's based on but "graced" with a premium credit multiplier
  6. The entirety of the current WoWS debacle and the fact that it has spilled over into WOT
  7. The radio silence from Wargaming on the ongoing money laundering investigations it is under by multiple EU countries and the United States
  8. The decision to limit the missions and rewards offered as part of Prime Gaming packages to the PG rental tanks only

The following are the MINIMAL acceptable corrective actions which MUST be in place before I will consider spending my hard-earned cash on Wargaming ever again:

  1. The return of Tank Rewards with AT LEAST the same level of rewards and achievability as before the program was ended
  2. The return of Weekend Missions to a state where they are worth bothering with, ie, 9 premium consumables as an achievable end
  3. Permanent shelving of Crew 2.0
  4. No further attempts to lengthen the Tech Tree and crew grinds
  5. Hard limits on loot boxes purchasable by players under the age of 18 and the number of loot boxes ANY player can buy within a 24 hour period
  6. The return of Prime Gaming packages to the status quo ante "Make the Most of Summer"

I am only one player, and I haven't spent much money on this game at all by the standards of many. I was a paying customer, however, and, like many others, I have noticed the trend at Wargaming of trying to screw more money out of us. Like many other players, I have noticed, and become frustrated, and also like many other players, my limit has now been exceeded. I will be a paying customer no longer, and I know many other players will make the same decision in the coming days.

It's not too late, Wargaming Decisionmakers. I love WOT. I fully intend to keep playing WOT. I would love to get the sweet, sweet dopamine hit of paying for an awesome new tank, but until these simple, popular demands are met, my money will be spent on other things.

Turn back, Wargaming Decisionmakers. We all love this game. Please, bring it back to a state where we the players aren't seen simply as walking dollar signs. Until you do, THIS dollar sign has been replaced with a "Register Closed" sign.


Burnt Out in my T 27

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