EQ 2.0 tryharding setups discussion?

I play the clam wars I play the tourneys I likes the good wn8 and winrate.

With that in mind, let's discuss tryharding setups on good tanks. There are a million amusing meme builds out there, but I don't know how good most of them are.

On the test server I tried:

  • on RU meds with mobility/firepower slot, ran bond rammer in blank slot, vents in mobility slot, improved aiming unit in firepower slot. I tried this on OBJ 140 and you get a slightly derpy feel at longer range (ie, the reticle shrinks noticeably (but not a huge amount) when you come to a stop) but the difference is that after a second it settles down to strv accuracy, which feels great. The net effects is that if you can reliably DPM weak spots from 200-300m.
    • for 907, you'd have to run bond vents in the survivability slot but probably not an issue for most 907 players
    • Gut feeling is that this slightly hurts effectiveness at EBR sniping
  • on ebr, the whole spotting time setup is already well known and broken IMO- spot everyone else for 18 seconds, disappear after 6 seconds.

Please add more.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/gwl4lb/eq_20_tryharding_setups_discussion/

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