Ever try War Thunder, want to enjoy it, try hard to enjoy it, struggle to enjoy, end up being just plain mad and frustrated, then return to WoT?

I love WoT and played off and on 6 years but wanted a change of pace so gave WT a VERY serious try. I really wanted to like War Thunder and played it for a couple of months but I just could never get the hang of it. I was always getting caught, shot first. Never seemed to get the jump on enemies like they did me. I could just never know where they were, see them in time, and so forth. Yet I am sure some people are really good at it and that kind of made me a bit sad, that I couldn't be.

In World of Tanks I can always contribute and have really strong games and sometimes have epic games, but in WT I never could. So my experiment with WT has come to an end and I am back at my "home" with WoT.

I always felt like I was being cheesed in WT, never could figure out why but never felt that way in WoT. I never felt the rage I feel at WT in Wot. There was just something about the mechanics of WT that I could never master and that is very rare for me to play a game that long and make no progress,

I wonder if anyone had an experience like mine?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/knxw6f/ever_try_war_thunder_want_to_enjoy_it_try_hard_to/

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