EXP in this game is unfair – opinions?

So, this has probably been brought up more times than people can count, but as someone who only recently discovered this subreddit, I would like to know your thoughts and opinions.

So, recently, I've been grinding my ass off through my IKV65-II, so that I can finally say goodbye to the stupid sardine can that is supposedly a tank.

In my last 10 or so games with the tank, I think I've done pretty well for a casual player as I have usually ended the match with over 1K damage and a bit of spotting. XVM usually puts my damage in the green or purple, signifying that I'm doing as-well-as or better than most of the people who play that tank. The fact that I only have about 8% to go for my first Mark Of Excellence goes to show it as well (although I think I hate it so much at this point I might insta-sell anyway).

My gripe and my discussion stems from this:

I am only 1/15th of my team. What my team do or how my team play is not up to me. I can try and guide them in chat, but most of the time everyone turns chat off and plays however they want. Sometimes it'll go 15-0 in my favour, sometimes it'll go 0-15 against me and most times it's somewhere in between.

However, no matter how well I personally play, if my team plays poorly and we lose the match, I get completely shafted with my EXP gain. Some examples:

– Loss – 1.6k combined = 240 EXP (An enemy on the winning side who did around the same gets ~600 EXP)

– Loss – 1.2k combined = 220 EXP (An enemy on the winning side who did around the same gets ~550 EXP)

– Win – 800 combined = 400 EXP (An enemy on the losing side who did around the same gets ~190 EXP)

I know this game is about playing to win, but if I get constantly put with bad teams, those of us who actually contributed and tried our hardest to win get, as I said, completely shafted.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/e557q1/exp_in_this_game_is_unfair_opinions/

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