Expanding the Swedish Tech Tree (image warning)

Fleshed out tech tree

Obligatory statement: Arty line is there because it can be there, not because we want it to be there. And I'm also aware there are other Nations that could use some expanding first, like the Japanese that could also get a full LT, TD and SPG line, I'm just doing what I know.

Light tanks:

Varjan, Terro and Pilen there's nothing to realy talk about here.

IKV h1

IKV h1 was one of the preliminary designs for the IKV 91 that later evolved into the IKV Alt 5

IKV alt 5

The "IKV 105" was a proposal to increase the turret armour of the IKV 91 and mount a bigger 105mm L7. Previous testing had shown that such a gun could fit in the turret


Medium Tanks:

Tier 7 – Lansen would be a sort of cross between the Leo and the premium Lansen C


Tier 8 – Lansen M/51 is a further improvement of the tier 7, improving on the armour, mobility and armament.

Lansen M/51

Tier 9 – Strv T, proposed alongside the Strv K, this tank had thin armour with 50mm on the hull front and 75mm on the turret.

Proposed weight between 30-35t and the 723hp SFA F12 engine would have given it a power to weight between 20.65-24.1hp/t.

Armament was 105mm L/55

Strv T schematic

Tier 10 – Strv A: the closest thing the Swedish got to a conventional HT in design, it was essentially Swedens answer to the American M60 and British Chieftain. Proposed weight of 40-45 ton and the same 723hp egine gives it a power to weight between 16-18 hp/t.

Hull front was made eliptical with the UFP at 120mm thick and LFP 100mm. Sides, while only 50mm, were rounded to try and improve their effectiveness.

Armament was to be the same 105mm/55 as the Strv T but in an autoloader, a proposal for a 120mm gun was also coonsidered.

Strv A schematic

While I call this a MT line, the tier 9 and 10, because of WG's nature, could very well end up uparmoured and classed as HT, which might not be a terrible thing if done right.


Tiers 5, 6 and 7 would contain accurate, high RoF, 105mm guns that wouldn't do much damage per shot. Tier 8 would upgrade to a 152mm gun, and while the Akc 151 and Bkan 1A have 155mm autoloaders IRL, IG I would suggest just single shots so we dont have another BC-155-58

Overall, they would be very similar to the French arty

Bandkanon 1A


Because WG loves premiums and the Swedish aren't lacking in potential

MT – UDES 14 A: Honestly this tank would look right at home in the tech tree before the UDES 16 with its silhouette, which makes it a prime candidate for WG to turn into a premium. WG does love making tanks that would fit the tree better as a premium

UDES 14 A design

TD – IKV 120: A Hagglunds design for the IKV that put a very large 120mm gun into a tank that resembles a Hetzer

IKV 120

TD – UDES 14 alt 9: Some people may have seen this, but this tank is the size of an AMX ELC, has a 40deg firing arc (+/- 20) and -10/+20 gun elevation and had either a 105mm or 120mm. Oh and a proposed top speed of 75km/h

UDES 14 alt 9

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/phk964/expanding_the_swedish_tech_tree_image_warning/

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