(fast) Autoloaders are kinda problematic (or just meta changing?), here’s why I think so


So, after last battle at Karelia, playing as (relatively fast) medium, I was killed by GSOR while rushing the hill, as I do almost always while in medium on this map.

99% of the time, you meet red mediums in opposite direction doing the same, everyone trying to snapshot each other, sometimes landing the shot, majority of the time not.

You can actually park at the vantage point before TD's and HT's take their usual firing spots and shoot at the mediums trying to climb the hill, at the cost of losing the ability to climb the hill yourself. You will farm 1-2 shots of damage at most.

Now comes GSOR, Progetto, bourassque and so on:

They can take the firing spot just like any other medium, but they will DECIMATE the early rush to good position.

Then.. With 1k damage and one (two?) red tank down in first minute, they can just turn around and go to the other flank while reloading.

You may ask…

But what is problematic about that? Watch the enemy lineup at the start and play accordingly!

Yeah, I will play differently from now on. Do you know how? I will go bush sniping. I dont want to be in the garage in first minute.

So? What does this mean?

It means that fast autoloaders promote camping.

Is it a good step for the game? I dont think so.
Please, tell me if and why I'm wrong

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/kdw3m6/fast_autoloaders_are_kinda_problematic_or_just/

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