Features the game needs

Non modder here.

Three things which WG need to add to the game in my opinion:

Ability to do anything while in queue

Why can't I scroll the tech tree/look at my crew while waiting for a battle? WoT is the only game I play which locks you in while waiting for a match

Have your crews follow you around

While i am happy for the "return previous crew" button i think that the process could be a lot more streamlined. iirc QB's mod pack has one where it will automatically put the best crew in when you click a tank.

Zoom out!

The camera zoomout that modders are able to achieve is nothing but an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE. everyone should have access to the same amount of camera zoom. i don't see why some players should be able to see around a corner that others can not.

i have no issue with modders/mods . i am just not into it myself. if i were ever to download one it would def be the zoom out mod. i think WG should take note of good/popular mods and add those functions to the game.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/kso9ia/features_the_game_needs/

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