Finally won a bit of gold in a WG tournament on EU. This much stress is not for me I tell you …

There is sadly no more gold for group stage wins for over two years or so. I was getting bored with the random games however, and decided to try tourneys again. Tourney was tier 4, 1v1, encounter with 90 seconds cap time.

My entire group consisted of afk players. Only about 120 people had signed up. So after group stage I entered playoffs and started out in top 128 bracket.

First opponent was using a T-80 on Redshire. I drove in to cap right from the start. Parked in middle bush up top, and waited. I have optics on my Luchs. Spotted him first. Not sure if he had 6th sense. I shot at him, doing some 80-100 dmg or so, he came at me full speed, I ran away. Became unspotted, had reloaded by then, and was still undamaged. Drove back into him, emptied another clip and won. I dont think he shot any gold.

Second opponent used a Hetzer (105mm) against my Luchs (30mm) on Ensk. Starting south I drove north trough the tracks, somehow I was not spotted, yet he was already aiming at me. Luckily I survived his first shot, got to him in time, parked in his back, and emptied two clips and won that. He had like a 4000 wg rating or so.

Top 32 bracket match was on Sandriver. Opponent was using an M5A1, I spotted him first, he didn't have sixth sense. My first clip hit for a couple dozen damage. He spotted me after firing. We drover closer to each other, I emptied another clip, he hit me about 3 times or so, and he was left on a couple hitpoints only. My engine was gone, I repaired in time, my clip had not yet reloaded. Heart rate on a slight incline. My hitpoints are quite low. I have spall liner mounted so I ram him for his last bit of hp and succeed! Player had 3000 rating.

Up comes the top 16 match. A player from a top 100 clan, with about 9000 wg rating points. He was using Hetzer with 105mm on Mines. He entered cap right away, hiding in a bush next to the big mountain up north. I drove into cap, looking left and right, spot him in the bush, he shoots, I survive his first shot, empty my clip, try to get in his back. He is with his back against the rock, I cant get in between, am not yet reloaded, but he is! Heart pumpin more than it should! By turning he pushes me in front of his gun, shoots another HE and I'm done for.

Boy what an afternoon. The top ranks are either filled with very good to good players, and somehow some players that have ratings of maybe 5000 to 6000 (which would consider "average"?). I guess those either get lucky like me, or have some better strats or … I dont know …

Well, that's it folks. Thanks for reading through my tourney diary. I won 50 (fifty) gold for all that stress. My poor heart cant take this. Need another tourney break for like … a year or so.


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