Fix the Chevron system please.

I know this should be in general ranked suggestions, its more of a rant than anything else.

I don't like the Chevron system, I really wish they would make it better so I don't have to deal with a toxic team.

I was in my Kranvagn playing Prokhorovka south spawn, a few team mates agreed we would push 0 line. I pushed past the bushes ay G0 and tried pushing 0 line so we could flank and had no help from my other 3 team mates on that flank that were sitting in the G0 bushes getting farmed by heavies in the mid. I was forced to stay put since I can't push an IS-7, CS-63, and Leopard 1 by myself. I can't go back because I will get farmed. I had to take my engagements where I didn't die. Enemy pushed down 1 line and flanked for the win. I Supported the mid with a cross fire on the heavies, but had a team mate Maus in the mid was yelling in the chat the whole time at me saying I'm a "noob" and "not a team player" at me. Dude, I can't go back to base because I will die, I can't push forward into 3 tanks or I will die, the best I can do is support all flanks by small pokes here and there.

I was landing consistent shots in the mid and 0 lines to support everyone, and ended up with something like 4000 damage. Even though we lost I gained a chevron but I almost would rather have not have gained the chevron because of a toxic team so they can shut up about me doing well despite a bad situation for everyone.

WG fix the Chevron system please, it just leads to more toxicity in this game and it already has enough Losing team should maintain or lose chevrons. That's just my opinion. But please do something.


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