Fleshing out tech trees

Is anyone else like me in wishing that wargaming would start to flesh out some tech trees that haven't seen some love in ages?

For example the Japanese have had some tweaks but we're still missing their tank destroyers (like the type 5 Na-To)

The Polish, Czech and the Italians all only have one line, And half the nation's are missing light tanks.

I know fleshing out some nation's would require paper tanks and models that never made it into production, but I personally like some of these tanks and as long as they aren't overpowered would love to see them just so all nation's have a decent tech tree.

If possible it'd be nice to follow the footsteps of the Czech mediums with regards to the actual tanks, using the T-34/100 as a one off and not just making Russia 2.0 (Looking at you China) but it's understandable that some nation's did entirely rely on imported tanks for some time.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/brnz57/fleshing_out_tech_trees/

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