for all the mlp tankers i started playing tanks in June 2012 a few days before i started watching mlp when did you start playing tanks?

I was playing WoW a lot back then i would see adds for world of tanks on some web pages i used for WoW. so that's when i downloaded the game i had only been playing for a few days when i went to go visit my brother for a ween in TN. I was still grinding to get my kv1 back when the t-28 had a 85mm gun that i never bought because it was like 3500 xp (that seem like 10-15 extra games i would have to play with the t-28 :P). back when i never had a prem account and my t-28 had to fight against tiger's. I finally got my kv1 i can still remember being a total noob and driving it out in the middle of the map in a tr5 top game and having so much fun as everything bounced off me.

When i was there my brother got me to watch the first 2 seasons of mlp while i was there he had them Dl on his computer even had the non censored version of the last round up. I came back from my visit liking the show (witch grew with a re watch of the series on netflix when i got home) and really liking wot since i had a kv1. even though mlp just ended i will always think about it when playing world of tanks.


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