Found a mod that shows all my crew members and their crew skills in a CSV file

I was looking for a way to identify my highest trained crew members and was going to ask if anyone knew an easy way to do this; instead, I googled and found a mod called Crew Skills database creator

It was easy to install and as soon as I launched the game it created a CSV file that listed all my crew members and shows all the info I was looking for – what tank they are trained for, what tank they are currently in, and details on each crew skill/perk.

I found out that my single best crew member is one of those female commanders we got over the holidays (not sure which year) named "Julia Winnfield".

I currently have her training in my LT 432 where she has to be a commander, radio operator, and loader, and even with 6 skills (92% of the 6th one), there are still 10 more available skills/perks available.

She's going in the B-C 25 t when I get another 4 mil credits.

I've got 21 crew members that have reached the 6th skills and 97 crew members that have 5 skills/perks.

If you are interested in this mod, it was easy to install but didn't have instructions.

The CSV file was generated and populated in C:GamesWorld_of_Tankscrew_members.csv

Not sure if it's completely up-to-date with all the newer tanks but it seems to work.

One handy side-benefit, I found some 'hidden' crew members squirreled away in some 'reserve' rental tanks that I'd forgotten about.


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