Frontline defense.

I feel defense is completely pointless.

Normally B is zerged first, than the rest. Nothing you can do, can't even rank much. I tried to use everything I have. I equipped Recon Flight on all tanks, just to help defending. No matter. Even if they all spotted, the defenders don't have the fire power to stop the cap.

The problem is, you defending 3 points. Defenders are spread. Attackers just move from one zone to a another for quick zerg. The always outnumber the defenders. I know I do same at attack. With enough Light tanks, no one knows, which they attack next (only can guess), and when you know, too late. Even if you defend it, they just move somewhere else.

You can't fight, you just waste your time, if you are on defense. I see more and more AFK tanks. They are mostly deserters tanks. No one wants to be a defender, so they leave the game, let the one tank locked, and join to a another game as attacker. This makes defense even worse, because we are outnumber already, than we spread between 3 zones.

The increase of the Frontline points, from 18000 to 30500, and the 10 Prestige instead of 3 max. destroyed the game mode.


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