Future Battle Pass (Season 6) potential lore/theme theorizing.

Battle Pass: Season VI Common Test (worldoftanks.com)

Recently Season 6 Skins came out on Common test.
The tanks are the Centurion AX, AMX M1 54, and Object 268.

But there is something interesting about them… They are covered in *German* equipment.

They also all have the same Urban or even *Salvaged* look to them.

Object 268: The Turret on the rear is a German Flak gun (I cannot recall the model), A Panzerschreck on it's side, a MG-32 with a Vampyr IR system, and even the fuel tank on the rear reads "Kraftstoff 200L (I can't read it, but I think it says flammable) Wehrmacht, and a German designed jack on the front, along with various other German crates and other equipment. For some reason it has track extensions for snow/mud driving.

AMX M4 mle. 54: The same German IR system on the tank, a quad 20mm Flak 28 mount on the rear turret (also, other German 3D skins love putting AA guns on their tanks. Like the E-100 and Maus), there is a STG44 German Assault Rifle slung over one of the sides. The fuel tanks have similar or the same writing as the Object's fuel tank. There are track extensions for snow/mud driving on this one as well.

Centurion AX: This tank has the least amount of German equipment (why I dunno), and is also missing the track extensions. The Autocannon I think is a German design, but more modern.
There is a "Tractor Cycle" attached to the rear of the AX as well. But the Tractor Cycle was a motorcycle-like vehicle with a single tank track on it. It was designed din 1938 in France.

In the last Battle Pass Season (5), the commanders witnessed a American-Bomber flying wing bomber take off from a bunker in Argentina, a place where Germans fled after WW2 to escape persecution (along with Antarctica, allegedly, which was explored in season 4). The bomber was radioactive.

Germany had a Nuclear Bomb program during WW2 that didn't get far, but the design had less (theoretical) yield than the American bombs used later in the war. In this WoT Universe, they might have finished it in secret after the war.

I have a feeling that bomber will make it to it's target (Origionally New York. but from the south, I don't know) and the Germans will strike back from their hidden bases, using captured or salvaged equipment the "Alliance" left aside after the war.

Note: In the Battle Pass "timeline" it's all taking place in 1946. How did tanks like the AMX 50b, or 121 or Cent AX etc exist even though in reality they were designed well after WW2?

No reason. Just "Tank game" at that point. but I hypothosize that in the "lore" of WoT (yes it has it, weirdly enough if you go digging through 3D Style descriptions, or through Steel Hunter, Events, and Battle pass). That this WW2 or earth in general, tank development went way faster than real life. Resulting in E-100's being in regular service in germany, or T95's seeing combat and the like. But that's a long story for another time.


The Common test battle pass tank styles are German Captured tanks. Covered in German equipment.
The Germans may be striking back.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/pag5h3/future_battle_pass_season_6_potential_loretheme/

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