General tips and tank suggestions for a returning player?

Hello. Sorry if it's not a place for that, but I don't know where else to ask really. I'm gonna be honest, I played maniacally years ago, but have since took long breaks, from time to time I came back, but nothing serious. Finally I'm a bit more mature and bored enough to go back to World of Tanks out of nostalgia. So, a couple of questions and background, I'd be grateful for any help.

Well, first of all, back in the day I was bad. Like, a total idiot that with some luck did something or died first in a normal game. Could you give me as many beginner tips as possible? To be even more specific:

Positioning and general gameplan. I know that some places are for heavy tanks to fight within a couple dozen meters from each other, while other places are dedicated for long-range snipers, while other places are for scouts and stuff like that. I don't remember many maps to be honest, but anyway, what's my gameplan? Can I somehow understand when loading to a map for the first time? The last couple of games (mainly as a medium tank, Rudy 102 – tier 6 or Panzer 58 Mutz – tier 8) I've tried to stay somewhere in the 2nd line, ready to fight as a frontliner if needed, but mostly sniping others without really getting spotted. Of course, if possible, please say if this general plan is for TD's, mediums or whatever.

And closely related to the previous one, how to trust my team? I need someone to spot if I want to keep playing like I do and unfortunately, people are just fucking cowards. I've been in a tier 8-10 game, where T57 Heavy stayed with the TD's in the backline, while I as fucking Panzer 58 Mutz was supposed to fight at the frontline. Or years ago, when 11 tanks went to the right, while I and 3 others were supposed to defend the base. I died, my 3 comrades died, our base got capped. I know I can't really command them, but it just feels so bad to see your teammates play like potatoes and I wonder what I can do about it.

The grind. Holy fuck, it was unbearable. I see that now there are daily challenges, so I guess that's nice, but other than that? Also, about exp and the crew, I've kept playing as Rudy with my crew that has almost 4 perks now and after changing a tank I was sooo sad about losing the 6th sense, it's such a must-have in my opinion. I'm probably missing a lot, so could you tell me what is there I can do to fight the grind?

Lastly, how to fight higher tiers? I've tried to fight my equals and stay with my team to not get simply rushed at, but if they want to, I'm dead anyway. Many times I also didn't even penetrate them (unless loading gold and like come on, there is so much to grind for, I really want to avoid spending too much).

Oh, and a minor thing, could you tell me the big things that happen in the last few years? It's the first time I'm seeing "obligations", there are more tanks from missions, dailies and some kind of season pass or whatever… but I'm once more, probably missing a lot of things.

And now, for the tank suggestions. First, generally speaking, what's each tank about? I hated playing as light tank, just keep going in circles spotting, getting a few thousand from spotting and dying. I know there is also an idea of sitting in a bush, but I can't imagine doing so without 6th sense. The way I play with TD's and medium tanks is rather similar, stay in the 2nd line and snipe, that's why I also like to have some armor as them, to go into the frontline in case my team dies. And heavies, I hated dying to artillery (back when it dealt normal damage instead of that stun thingy) and the fact that people just loaded gold and my armor was useless. I hope something changed, but I'd be glad if you described what's each role is.

And about getting more specific. I have premium tanks, T-34-85 Rudy (btw, still as USSR), Panzer 58 Mutz and Churchill III. I enjoy all of them. I also bough SU-100Y, but it lacks both mobility and armor, so I'm not sure how to use it properly and didn't really enjoy it years ago. I also have Super Hellcat, Dicker Max, T-50-2 and Super Chaffe, but I think I got them all for free. Other than that, I think, altrough I'm not sure, that I like versatile tanks and good gun (most importantly, accurate) is my primary concern, hp, armor and mobility are all equal. That's why I'm not sure of russian ones and I'm a small fan of german ones (I considered Leopard line as I have Mutz), but I have no clue how the game evolved over the years I've been missing. Also, for the tanks I could buy at the moment, do you suggest any line for fun/money grinding? To somehow describe it I could buy:

germans: Ferdinand, Pz. III J, Leopard

russians: SU-122A, KV-2, KV-1S, T-34-85, MT-25

american: M44, T29, T20, M5 Stuart

French: ARL 44, AMX 13 90

British: Bishop, AT 8, Comet, Crusader

Chinese: barerly tier 2

Japanese: O-Ni

Czechoslovakian: Skoda T 25

Polish: 14 TP

Swedish: Lago

Italian: Nothing.

Also, becouse I'm polish, I'm really curious about polish tanks. How good are they? What do they excel at? And I also have a small sentiment for japenese mediums, what do you think about them?


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