Getting my first bounty equipment. What should it be?

Hello all! I just finished the first part of my battle pass and I get to choose bounty equipment. I’m mostly debating between bounty rammer, IRM, and IAU.

Bounty rammer would be because it’s almost as good as bond rammer, but can be switched for 10 gold instead of 200 bonds.

Bounty IRM would be because there’s no bond equivalent and once upgraded is nearly vstabs for tanks that need double stab or can’t access vstab. I’m mostly considering IRM for my wz120ft and my Emil 1.

Lastly would be IAU, of which I’ve heard once improved is excellent but I’ve never tried IAU nor do I play tds outside of my wz120ft. I’ve seen people saying improved IAU > vstabs on some tanks which seems strange, but I’m sure they have much more experience than I do.

Edit: This helped me decide: . Getting bounty IAU


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