Gold ammo needs a lot of change, my suggestion.

I'm done trying to justify the use of gold when the only thing you get hit by is gold…if a lower tier tanks is shooting gold at you, sure, some need the extra pen, especially in a +2 matchup. But a higher tier tanks shooting gold because they don't know that any other ammo exists is just disgusting.

I'm in my Type 4 Heavy, absolute unit, i like it, i love playing in it, but people just click gold and go through you like butter, everyone says that Type 4 is hard to pen, yet it has a 230mm drivers hatch weakpoint, a 240mm machinegun port weakpoint, cheeks and cupola are 250mm, and the hull cheeks when you angle are 220mm. So overall, you can get penned by normal rounds from even some t8 tanks.

But some people in t10 tanks with like 270mm of pen or more ding once and then just start spamming gold, if not already from the beginning. How the hell am i supposed to be a heavy for the team when i get clicked 5 times by gold and i'm dead.

People complain about EBRs ruining the game, people complain about Arty ruining games. For me, it's gold. EBRs can be killed, they are mostly annoying for spotting you, arty can be avoided to a degree (3 arty games are still overall toxic), but against gold? You're shit out of luck.

My idea is this:

If a higher tier (especially 2 tiers higher) is shooting a lower tier vehicle, the first gold shot is normal, the 2nd gold shot gets double the reload and costs twice as much to replenish after the game. If you continue to shoot gold ammo, the next reload is like before, double your normal reload + 2s and the round costs 3x the normal cost. This trend continues until you go off your gold ammo and shoot atleast 2 normal or (non-gold) HE shells. Then the cycle repeats.

If the same tier tank is shooting another same tier tank with gold, as usual the first shot is normal, the 2nd shot adds 2s of reload, 3rd shot doubles the price of that shell and keeps the 2s reload, 4th shot adds 2 more seconds of reload and triples the standard price of the shell. This trend continues until as before, you shoot 2 normal or non-premium HE shells.

If a lower tier tank is shooting a higher tier tanks with gold, this is where i'm not sure if it needs any change or what kind of change to do, was thinking of just adding 2s of additional reload after the 2nd shell and just keeping that additional 2s reload until you shoot 2 normal rounds off. Or make it depend on the tank you're shooting (either type of tank or tier of tank).

The only issue with this i see is the powercreeping tanks that are in the game (ie. Defender, 279e, Chieftain etc.) where you're sorta forced to use premium ammo to even do anything at all and this would kinda make them even more strong.

Thoughts? Opinions? I'd be happy to hear what you guys think of this?

P.S. this was sorta written out of frustration of being spammed with 340mm+ pen HEAT shells constantly, which i have no real way of bouncing at all.


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