Gold Ammo re-balance? Just a discussion no need to attack me.

Edit: putting this on top so that you can read it first. This post is not a rant or a demand that the game must change. I just want to have a discussion with members of the community that enjoys the game want to see the game develop into something even better.

A lot of players either hate or love gold ammo. Which makes the game a bit unbalanced if one team happens to be FTP team and the other team happens to have some rich people nobody ends up having a good game (me personally dont like 15-4 matches even when it is in my favor). Therefor, I think it will be cool if the were to put a limit on the amount of gold ammo available per tank. With this it would allow you to take on heavies head on but also allow them to try and out last your gold ammo if that is all you spam. I think a 30% limit will allow any player to take on the heavies while still keeping a technical game play involved. What do you guys think?

Edit: I feel I have to add that I am not prompting that gold should be removed just limited.


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