Gold from Holiday Boxes, but no Tank Drops… WTB?

Ended up getting screwed out of 90$ that I forked over once I kept seeing friends get 3 of the Tier 8's in just 25 loot boxes, but I got screwed in the tier 8 category.

I ended up buying the Cent 5/1 on day 21, since it fits my Russian medium 'hull down' playstyle I'm used to and was under 7k gold.

These were my first ever WOT purchases, so admittedly I'm not super familiar with the availability and such, and have been extremely disappointed this month in the lack of even decent Tier 8 premiums available for gold.

The 54 mod 1 and STG seem decent, and a couple of the heavies are decent tanks – albeit way expensive… Otherwise there's blowing 6500 on the presumably upcoming battlepass just for fragments and credits..

What's this black market I hear about? I have just under 10k bonds if that helps anything…



I ended up with 14,000 after holiday ops/buying the 5/1, what would you all recommend I look for with the gold I have?


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