Gold Rounds Are Overused and Need To Be Adjusted

Personally I think this is something that really needs to be discussed about. Gold rounds ruin the meta of the of almost the entire game. Recently ive gone up the Maus line and im on the tier 8 (VIII) (VK 100.01 P). This is probably one of the most armoured tanks in the game tier for tier but i feel like the weakest on the team. Why? no its not because i dont know how to play the game (2300 WN8), nor is it because i drive like a moron but to put it simply…. Gold Ammo. I cant drive in this tank without being slapped with them and it basically makes the tanks armour borderline useless.

Enough about my recent experience but there are so many other tanks in the game with the same issue. For example the Japanese heavys get nothing but Gold Rounds shot at them, same with most German Heavys and TD's

Im sure i dont need to explain every issue that there is but what i do want to do is offer WG some help by offering some possible solutions and ways to balance them.

  1. Increase the cost Substantially. I think an increase to the amount of silver it costs per shot by 30/40% with deture people from spamming them all game due to silver already being difficult for most average players to build up even with a Premiuim tank and Premium Account.
  2. Increase the cost 5-15% MORE per shot. What this means is that for the first Gold Round that is fired in a match the cost of the shot will be its standard price, for every shot that is fired after that the silver cost will increase 5 to 15% more than the original cost. This means if sombody goes in firing 10+ gold Rounds in their game they will end up losing more than double the original cost PER shot resulting in them having much more of a high risk high reward type of situation.
  3. The Simplist but maybe the most effective solution would be to cap out the total number of Gold rounds per tank to somewhere around the 5 area. I understand that there are some tanks that have a autoloaders and other with around 20 shots per clip so this (and the other options) would have to be adjusted accordingly (maybe 1 to 3 clips worth)

My biggest problem with Gold Ammo across the entire game are the stat padders and high WN8 players. Almost every game i play where there are players with high stats they just dab the 2 key as soon as the game starts resulting in them not only being knowladgable about how to angle their armour and spotting locations so when you put those together ONTOP of them shooting Gold theres no hope for anybody thats less experienced.

My last point is a tricky one. Personally ive never played Ranked but from what I know its a game filled with the top of the range players. But EVERYBODY shoots Gold and your an idiot if you dont because you're just giving yourself a huge dissadvantage over everybody else. My fix for this is simply remove Gold Rounds from this mode completely. Now before you grab yur pitchfork hear me out. My reason for this is… Well its Ranked. Its a mode based completely on a players knowlage of the game, i.e how to flank, knowing weakpoints, teamwork, using game mechanics and knowing your own tanks strenghts and weaknessess. But eveyone of those points i just made and more can be ignored for an extra couple of thousand silver.. Imagine this, a Jageroo is hull down with its superstructure and Commanders hatch being all that you can see, and you're in an E50 M, all you need to do is shoot some gold and you dont need teamwork, or game knowelage, or anything really, just a quick aim and shoot at its cheeks and youre good to go

Im not a pro at this game, nor am I the best at explaining things but i hope you can all understand what im trying to put across here, Something does need to be changed to bring the knowelage and skill based aspect of the game back. Thanks for the read.


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