Gold Rounds for Completing Consecutive Daily Missions.

So I've been playing the game regularly over the past 4 months and have been thinking about this idea for some time now. I notice that after you complete enough daily missions you get some bigger rewards. Such as bonds, premium days, garage slots etc. I always think to myself maybe they could add premium rounds as a reward too and gift them in the same way as the special rewards.

Now hear me out. If they were to do this it would have to be gifted as what was stated above. That way the amount of gold rounds is not ridiculous every single game because everybody can easily get their hands on it.

I thought this might be something interesting to share because I think it would be nice for ftp players getting a chance to possibly be rewarded for consistent play and would give them a chance to experience what gold ammunition would be like. This might persuade them to buy premium and make more credits so they can afford that ammo. The amount given for the reward could be like 5-15 rounds but I'll let you guys decide what would be a good number. When players receive the reward, it will be sent to their depot where they can go and retrieve it and have the ability to specify which vehicle they'd like to have it on. Almost like when you recruit a special crew member.

Like I said, this is just some idea I had and would like to hear everyone else's thoughts on this. What strategies could be used to make the reward interesting yet not super abundant and broken?


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