Got my first Ban lmfao

So for the Guys who are Interest in the Story

I started a Round at Tier-6 and he used a IS-2S and I used vk 30.02 m

I saw that one mate wrote let light up the enemy team, I thought its funny

Well then the Person who I "trolled" wrote to kill the Hamas, well its his opinion, cuz Hamas is a terror organization

But now the Reason why I block him and so on is that he wrote afterwards to kill some Palestinians

First of all, we all just play to escape first the Reality and have fun, second of all dont bring politic or other shit into multiplayer games or some things like that

I understood that he is some kind of a racist, sorry but I am a righteous person and I couldnt just report him and thats it.

I decided to report him and then to block his path or go infront of him so he couldnt do some kills.

Now in the evening I just log in and see that I got a ban, okay I understand it, but fact is we won the game without him or me

And it is better to punish people like that instant, instead to cancel their chat or something like that.

I just wanted to share it with the Community and to the people who are racist, just "stop it, get some help"

What do you guys think? Am I wrong? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

In my Opinion yeah kinda, but I couldnt be sure if he got a punishment :/

Peace out and much love <3

Ps.: Sorry for my mistakes and bad english :`(

Pss.: Idk how I share the Screenshot of my ban History but I post it on my Account then ^^

Psss.: I found the Replay but dont know how to share it, let me know how to 😀


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