Grand Battle Mode Broken on NA server?

I realized that I haven't had a Grand Battle on the NA server in weeks. I

I checked my replays and found the following last play dates:

  • er_clime (Hinterland) – 03/27/2019

  • epic_random_valley (Nebelburg) – 04/01/2019

  • er_alaska (Klondike) – 04/01/2019

I've been playing exclusively in Tier X SPGs from ~ 9 PM – 2 AM EST.

From 4/2/19 until 5/15/19, I played a total of 633 matches, and not one Grand Battle.

Looking at the previous 633 matches (from 4/1/2019 through 03/03/2019), I had SIXTEEN grand battles.

And yes, I have Grand Battles turned on (along with Encounters and Assaults also on), and I have two maps blocked: Empire's Borders and Ensk.

I checked Grand Battle replays uploaded to, and I see replays from EU servers with dates as soon as 5/16/2019, so Grand Battles appear to be working on the EU servers.

Note: Despite the .eu web address, wotreplays is for all servers now (there is no longer a .com version).

Anyone else on NA seeing this issue?


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