Guide to the AT7

Hello, this is my first post on reddit! I have been reading posts on the wot subreddit, and am amazed at how cohesive and active the community is!

Today, I would like to offer my views on the AT7. the tier 7 British non-turreted TD. I have read many posts stating that the tier 6 and 7 TDs are painful to grind through. However, for me, this is simply not the case. I am the top AT7 player on the NA server, and although this may be because there aren't many people who play the tank, I believe it is a great achievement nonetheless. Here is the link to the player ratings: In the AT&, I have a 77 percent winrate, deal about 1303 dmg per battle, and earn 660 exp per battle.

I believe that the AT7 is a great tank with many strong points. I'll list the below:

Firepower: The AT7 is armed with the fantastic 20 pdr AT gun type A. This gun, with my full BIA crew, vents, and a gun rammer, fires about once every 5.1 seconds and puts out 2.6k DPM with 230 alpha damage. The gun is also hyper-accurate at 0.29, has excellent pen at 226, and aims relatively quickly. I would say that this gun is the best on any tier 7 td.

Armor: Moving up from the AT8 to the AT7, some players may complain that the armor remains almost unchanged while moving up a tier. On paper, this is true. The 150mm weakspot remains, and most of the rest of the tank is 203mm, just like the AT8. However, the AT7 has a right-side mounted gun, so it can poke just the gun around the corner, exposing the strong gun mantlet and hiding the weakspot. I would say that the armor is not as reliable as on the AT*, but still provides decent protection. With a spall liner fitted, most of the damage from artillery is mitigated, with the average shot taking away about 100 hp.

The AT7 has some weakpoints as well:

Mobility: Tops out at around 20 kmh, can be hard to get to key positions quickly.

Weakpoint: Giant cupola, can be easily hit, although it still has 150mm effective armor at weakest point.

Summary: The AT7 is a great tank and does well in all matchups. as a top-tier tank, you can rely on your armor to brawl with other tanks in close quarters, or snipe from the back and pen every time. In bottom-tier matchups, you can snipe from the back and manage to pen with the amazing pen the gun has. The AT& is a versatile tank and I recommend everyone to give it a shot!


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