*Heavy* breathing

Okay, so I've been holding onto a certain amount of money – enough to add one more T8 premium to my collection to be precise. At first, I was flinging between Renegade and 703 II ( 122 ), however it's yet uncertain when one of those two will be for sale again. And now there's an IS-3A and the fan-favorite ( among inexperienced players, that is ) Object 252U, also known as the Defender on sale, so I feel kind of lost. It's like picking a lottery ticket – you've got 4 choices, and one chance to pick, however, wether you feel happy with what you draw or not, ultimately you will have to keep it. So the question is: which option should I stick to, in your opinon? Especially considering that I'm no longer playing for MoEs, Mastery Aces, winrate, etc., and that I'm by no means a unicum. I just want to have fun and gain some form of satisfaction out of this game. Will be waiting patiently for your opinions.

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