HELP with m46 patton 3rd moe

Hello, fellow tankers!

I'm pretty new to 3 marking tanks. Managed to 3 mark couple of tanks but patton m46 i just the devil himself to 3 mark.

The gun is so incinsistent imho. Sonetimes you feel like a God, sniping jgpz e100 cupola at 400 metres on the move 3 times in a row, next game you cant hit the side of a maus at 200 metres.
I dont spam much apcr because it wont make much difference with extra pen (only on corridor maps aka, corridor pass, shitfield…).
I run cola and tried couple different equipment options.

First one was bounty vents, rammer and vstab but patton top speed was lacking so I switched vents for turbo. That actually worked quite fine, espicially for the 15:3, 3:15 meta when you quite literally have to run for the damage.
After 20ish games gun stopped working so I put improved rotation, that worked too but again, only for 30ish games, but when I get to 94%, then gun gets its shit back on and I drop to 90 in 2 3 horrible games in a row + glorious teams, but you cant really complain about the teams…

Any suggestions from you guys?

Someone had the same struggle, how did you get it done in the end, what is the best equipment and so on…

Now rolling with rotation, vstab and rammer and recovering, currently 93

Kind regards, Imt533DeLuxe
EU server


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