Helpful spots to hit an enemy tank in WoT

To help others out on knocking enemies out, dealing damage, and getting the max amount XP, I am here to tell y'all a guide on some helpful spots to hit an army tank.

Weak spots include any part of an army tank depending what type:
-Rear of tank (Typically for small tanks, or medium tanks, etc)
-Front of tank
-Side of tank
-Between turret and tank (Most of all tanks is most vulnerable spot)

What type of tanks has the most vulnerable spots for the kill:
the most vulnerable spots of a tank typically are between the turret and tank it-self. Shooting this spot often causes slow turret movement, perfect for circling around the tank and knocking it out. This spot is common for all tanks.
The rear of the tank is a vulnerable spot for small tanks, medium tanks, and possibly heavy tanks if they're not not too much armor in that spot. Players would always want to shoot at an angle where the bullet doesn't go diagonally through the armor causing less damage, while a bullet strait through the armor causes MORE damage.
The sides of the tank are the most common spot to get a ricochet on, as the tanks could angle themselves so that the bullet doesn't go strait through the armor.

As I will bring an end to this guide, possibly making more guides soon. I end off with, make sure your bullet hits the tank spot that is not angled. Some parts of the tank however will can be hit at an angle such as a corner of a turret that's straight. I hope yall find this helpful, and get good use out of the guide.


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