Here is my two cents about a revamped crew system.

It's basically the same but with a few tweaks.

Sixth sense, sound detection, mentor is free.

Skills/Perks should be divided into two groups 1. Common skills – BIA, Repairs, firefighting, cammo 2. Specialised skills.

Common skills: These would need same amount of XP for all crew members. Or they can be applied to the whole crew at the same time. For example, you select BIA and the whole crew gets trained on them at the same time at the same rate. This avoids the issue where one or more crew members get three skill later than the others and you don't get the bonus.

Specialised skills: The XP required to max out the crew would be divided according to number of skills/perks. So the crew member with the most skills/perks remaining after the ones mentioned above, would progress faster through the skills.

Acceleration of crew training should be unlocked all the time and players should be able to choose which crew gets all the XP. So if you have a crew member who is slogging, you can give the guy a shove and get him/her up to speed with the rest.

No boost or super skills or trainers necessary.

What do you think? Better than crew 2.0?

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