Hey WG, the real reason arty is unfair in ranked?

Every vehicle class gets harder to play higher the rank, and arty just gets easier.

Not only the mechanics of shooting without risk are broken and unfair, but also the system of ranks for arty players are unfair and broken.

Arty risk levels stay at 0 from 1st rank of 3rd division to the 1st division 10th rank, while any other vehicle just gets harder and harder to play. You risk more to pay for less mistakes. Mechanic of shooting from respawn without risk doesnt change, well okay, maybe they have to move their asses a tiny bit more to do an epic skilled 350 IQ minimum requirement maneuver called "re-location", because of more steam rolls. But really, wtf?

Slow armored heavy tanks are less useful on higher ranks, because when you get high enough rank, your gun and mobility decide more. Thus more players driving less armored vehicles, progettos, leopards, stbs, etc. This just gives arty players even more room to flex their fingers.

Arty in ranked is double unfair and triple toxic. It doesn't make ranked more enjoyable.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/hy45qk/hey_wg_the_real_reason_arty_is_unfair_in_ranked/

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