HK/ANZ Mods think themselves above the law….

Once upon a time the moderators on HK/ANZ were held accountable for their actions but now they have for some reason a free hand to say and do anything they like for example breaching the code of conduct that all other players are to suppose to adhere to. I have a friend who is currently in a stand off and hopes for a good outcome (not likely) after posting a reasonable inquiry on forum only to be insulted by a mod(Waasabi) and upon saying to the mod that he was biased and had broken the rules on the code of conduct was given a minor insult warning from another mod(Flying_Elite), this escalated by going to support staff (clowns) who in turn gave it back to the mods to sort out lmao its like the "government investigates government and finds government not guilty" scenario, he decided to go str8 to management and now its in their hands….Now the head moderator is quoted as saying directly to Neokai who in turn forwarded to my mate, "@Cent: Relevant chatlog inside the warning log. Personally I feel player is just baiting for a chat-ban just so he can yell moderator brutality and earn some street rep points, but that's just me…" so my friend is wondering what "street rep points" are in regards to WoT as its a first for both of us maybe this is mods gang talk lol….anyone else heard this term…. as for "mod brutality" wtf is with that seriously are the Mods on the HK/ANZ just a pack of children? Its been blown completely out proportion all that was needed was and apology but the mods are fighting to the death…


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