HomeFront: Most efficient way to get BOTH equipments

First of all, it's not as bad as it looks. It could be better, but for now we'll have to work with what we have.

PS: I'll add the calculations+explanations later when I get home if I can.


If you want just ONE equipment: Just play a few game everyday and you'll get it easily. Focus on ONLY one front, don't bother about the second front untill you've completed the first one.

If you want BOTH equipments:

  • F2P (cost: 0-700 gold): You can technically get both free if you collect ALL fuel tokens and get 1st place and win almost every game. But I'd rather buy a lottery ticket.
  • Recommended (cost: 1400-2100 gold): Buy all level II upgrades and you'll comfortably get both equipments as long as you collect and play 60-84 battles depending on how well you're playing + winning.You can get away with buying only 4 level II upgrades if you're very good at HomeFront and can win 50%+ battles. Buying 3 level II upgrades would be cutting it pretty close.
  • P2W (cost: 6000-9000 gold): If you buy all level III upgrades, you can get both rewards in about playing 2-3 days. If you have no time or start the grind very late, that's your only option. It's still a pretty good deal if you have loads of gold left over and want the improved equipments, since you'll pretty much exchange 9k gold for 9k bonds worth of equipment. You don't need to collect any tokens playing randoms.


  • Don't buy level III upgrades early. The 5 level II upgrades you can get for 1400 gold is worth 140 division points, while buying level III would give 90 points for 1500 gold. Wait+play a few days then buy as needed.
  • Don't play level III divisions for a few days, you'll ruin your win rate and mess up other lower tier teammate's grind since they'll get top level mm because of you and they are already pretty difficult with 5 level III players.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/chvrqf/homefront_most_efficient_way_to_get_both/

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