How can this not be a problem? Frontline-Rant

i am playing Frontlines for the first time now.

and i think it is freaking abysmal!

what other fking game allows you to drop bombardments and artillery -including fking 100% full arty-like stuns- with a mortar-like drop-angle, 100% precision and NO FREAKING WARNING FOR THE ATTACKED (like, i dont know? any other game that has mechanics like this?) non stop all over the map 8i know it has cooldown but still- it´s unlimited by playercount ..)?

isn´t this like the fifth iteration of this mode already?

is no one complaining about this or is it just me? because it doesnt matter which tank i m playing – wether it´s slow/heavy or something like a progetto, playing the objective or not- i think it sucks really really hard,

it is -in my opinion-

  1. a completely unneeded mechanic


  1. needs rework with for example signal-smoke or an incoming voice-message for the unfortunate one you are attacking with this nonsense "perks"

sorry for the rant – but now it´s over.


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