How do you play a stock t44 ?

Well there might be some bad luck involved and iam by no means a Unicum or some shit like that, but other than a stronger hull this thing is just inferior to a t-43 (that doesn't matter since everyone shoots through my stock turret)

I guess it can be a pretty decent tank when upgraded, but i don't know what am i doing wrong but i currently have a 22 % winrate (4 wins 1 draw and like 14 losses)

I think thats impressive since just alt+f4ing at the beginning normally should still get you atleast a 35 % winrate.

iam not even that bad with that shitty version of the tank, i can often deal atleast 800 damage by ramming or supporting usefull mediums, but i really don't know how i can not keep loosing in that tank until i can unlock the tracks then the turret then the gun and then the engine… with about 300-400 xp per (good) match thats 150 shitty matches


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