How do you play SU-100M1 in the current meta?

Disclaimer: i'm a rather good player (53%), I know the tank's theorical strengths and weaknesses, and my winrate in it is actually pretty good (more than 60%), but for some reason I can't reproduce favorable conditions to have decent games, and thus I just don't enjoy playing the tank.

Pros:- Mobility- Penetration and DPM- Frontal armor (except of course lower plate)- Camo

Cons:- No turret (duh)- No HP (same as equal tiered lights)- Accuracy- Gun arc and depression- View range

My observations:I was told this was a mini 264v4, but in reality you get fucked in basically any matchmaking situation: if you're not top tier, you basically have no HP, no armor, and no capacity to snipe so you're useless. If you're top tier and try to be more agressive, welcome to M44 + KV2 land where you get two or three-shotted by HE shells from anywhere.

TL;DR:Only scenario where the tank is remotely playable IMHO, is top tier and no HE users in the opposite team, which basically never happens. Any idea/advice than can help making this tank good/enjoyable?

Thank you fellow tankers

Edit: also I'd be curious to know what equipment you guys are using. Currently running vents/IRM/optics but I kinda feel the lack of gun rammer.


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