How has World of Tanks help you bond and grow?

This story has been on my mind since it happened, and I just want to share and see if anyone else had a similar experience.

When about 5 years back (not sure about the year exactly), I remember sitting with my grandfather, watching TV, when a World of Tanks ad came on. My grandpa was never interested in video games, but when he saw that ad, you could just see his eyes light up. He's a huge fan of war history, and seeing a game based off of Tanks, something he was studying at the time, tickled him. He told me how neat it looked, and said he wished he knew how to use a computer to play it. That gave me an idea.

I know how to use a computer, and I couldn't pass up having such a bonding opportunity with the man I adore most, so I downloaded the game and surprised him when he woke up from a nap the next day. I took a fold out chair and put it next to his, and told him that I'd control the game if he told me what he wanted me to do in the game. The look on his face still tickles me pink!

After going through the tutorial and him joking around with me about the username I picked out (I picked a cute girly-girl name), we began. And we both adored it. Hed get to excited, and yell a bit, which made my anxiety spike, but the more we played, my anxiety about loud noises left me. He was my eyes, I was his hands, and it was the best time I could have ever had.

I'm saving up for a new computer right now so that after quarantine, we can play together again. Hes the reason I really adore history, and why war games became fun for me.

Does anyone else have stories like this? I'd love to hear them!


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