How many arty per team per game? RESULTS ARE IN

About one week ago I posted to this reddit a link to a survey (this link ) and I waited for the results to come in.

And so they have.

The final scores are:

1 arty // 114 votes

0 arty // 110 votes

2 arty // 70 votes

3 arty without another nerf // 28 votes

3 arty with another nerf // 6 votes

Keep in mind many people also added their own votes in the comments, such as a separate “15 vs 15 arty battle Royale” which honestly I support.

So to me, these votes are pretty clear. Less artillery make up nearly 90% of all total votes. That’s a resounding majority.

Artillery is one of if not the major complaint of the game, but many agree it is a necessary evil. Many enjoy the class and decreasing the amount of artillery slots per game would increase queue time for artillery. This is the main argument (along with others that would require a rant) against limiting artillery further.

So here’s what the majority propose we do to solve the issue, Wargaming. Limit the artillery per match more. Getting focused by 3 or even 2 artillery in a match, particularly in heavies, is complete hell, though 2 per game would be far more manageable than 3.

Yes, queue time may last longer for artillery players due to less slots in the game. I completely acknowledge that fact. However, this would only be for artillery players. And they’re already waiting 30 seconds between shots that “do nothing besides prevent camping” so I’m sure they wouldn’t mind a little longer in queue.

Let me know if you have any other ideas for fixes or corrections in my points. Thank you again for those participating!


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