[how to 200iq play by TMX_TorvaMessorX] How to grab the Yoshio Tamada’s Medal Document 2 – Paper Cuts

"Yoshio Tamada was leading his tank regiment of mainly light tanks through to their objective when he realized that an entire Soviet artillery battery was in their path. He made a decisive battle order and caused heavy casualties to Soviet forces."

Yoshio Tamada, with his light tank regiment and sharp wits, caused heavy destruction to a Soviet artillery battery that obstructed their path. He accomplished a noticeable achievement through the way of work of light tanks, leaving a stamp of his name on the books of history.

Commanders, you've been presented a chance to simulate his actions.

Yoshio Tamada's medal is achievable in game by completing a mission activated by the code "BTMYOSHIO" in the WoT Premium shop.

Completion of the mission is rewarded by a unique camo style, the "Autumn Wind Style", a preset style in the game.


This sensational camo sets your tank in a period of the late 1950's (if you decide to look at it that way)

But achieving this style is clearly not a piece of cake…

The mission has some really brutal conditions to complete to get this style in your hands.


  • Random Battles Only
  • Light Tanks only
  • Destroy 2 enemy SPGs that are at least 1 tier higher than your tier in one battle.
  • Survive the battle!

Damn! Those are some harsh statements and survive the battle tops it off…

If you think you'll pass, let me try to give you a second opinion.

After going through this guide, you'll have a blueprint to work around with your light tanks for trying to achieve this mission.

Let me tell this to you beforehand, there will be a lot of skill, luck and tears associated with this mission, go for it if you love driving around your LTs or have a lot of time to spare of if you think the camo style is totally worth it.

This mission is very hard to complete with single shot LTs, no matter what their tier, no matter what their DPM. Auto-loaders are the way to go about this mission.

I have a few auto-loaders in my mind that I believe will cut through this mission better than the others.

Tier 7 American Light T71-DA and the Tier 8 French Bat.-Châtillon 12 t.

I have chosen these two tanks because of their HE clip potential and the ability to clip out relatively quickly. (Except for the T71-DA but you don't have to empty the clip to destroy 2 Tier 8 arties.)

T71-DA has a HE clip potential of 1,110, more than enough to get your way through 2 tier 8 arties, even if they are 2 GW Tiger Ps (440 hp, highest of any tier 8 arty.)

Bat.-Châtillon 12 t dishes out 1,040 hp of damage per clip, enough to take down (unless you are unlucky) 2 GW Tigers (500 hp and highest of any tier 9 arty.)

Just so you know, this mission is not complete able on every map of the game, so do not throw your life away for the sake of this mission because your team would rather need you alive.

In fact, some maps favor completion of this mission more than other maps. Maps like Steppes, Westfield, Erlenberg(if you are lucky enough) will be your best friends during this mission.

Steppes is the most favorable map for completing this mission. Spawning on southern part of the map is the cherry on the top, I'll tell you why later on.

Map Plan made by StratSketch

Owing to the fact that both the teams, almost every time, get divided between North-Western and North-Eastern part of the map, leaving the arties in the middle of their spawn, and most of the time, they refuse to move from that position because the map is very arty-friendly.

If your matchmaking is right i.e. two +1 tier arties and south spawn, you should definitely try and seize the opportunity for grabbing the medal and the camo, because you literally cannot get a better chance than this.

Note:- Mod which shows enemy tanks that are spotted/were spotted on the enemy tanks panel is very, very helpful for this mission.

Taking Steppes into consideration, I'll tell you how to move about the gameplan.

First of all be ready with some HE clips in your auto-loading tank.

Once the match starts, do not active scout. Play passively and retain your HP because you'll be throwing most it away when the opportunity arises. You need HP to get in their noses, irritate them and then get out alive because you have to survive the match for the mission to be completed. Owing to the fact that LTs have less HP, you have to be very protective about your HP.

Your first goal should be to help your team take down the enemy LT because this guy might be the single most important thing between you and your goal.

After all the enemy LTs have been taken down, move very cautiously towards the enemy base. Be very careful not to get spotted because the enemy TDs might rip apart your HP in a matter of a few seconds. Passive scout for the enemy TDs.

If you are using the above mentioned mod, then you might know whose location is established on the map and who is left to find. If every enemy tank has/had been spotted, you will be able to see their current/last spotted position from the mini-map. Gather intel from it and plan your way in and way out.

Once every tank's location is known (except for the arties ofc), you'll have to make the biggest move of your game, scoring the kills.

Usually in Steppes, all of the tanks either move to the left or to the right (atleast that is the case during the late game), leaving the arties very vulnerable to your blows.

You have to load an HE clip, gain some momentum and shoot for their hideout.

Once you've entered the enemy base, there is no hitting the brakes. Stopping even for a second can result in all of the hard work gone in vain. Get sufficiently close to the arties and burst them with your HE clip.

T71-DA is more flexible with this mission because it carries 6 shells each of 185 HE damage, that gives you 3 shells for 1 tier 8 arty. If your luck goes right, you can afford to miss 1 shell per arty (although strongly not recommended).

South spawn in Steppes is way more easy to complete the mission because the location of the arties in North is very predictable and in a cluster, they are either at A2,A3,A4,A5 or B1. 'A' line can easily be scouted, if the arty sits in B1, it becomes more of a problem.

However, if you spawn at north, it becomes more difficult for you to do this mission because you might have to run and gun twice. Arties might either be in K2,K7 or K0 which means you'll have to scout each location separately.

Once you've taken the arties down, you have to make sure that you get out of there alive and help your team in securing the victory because if your team doesn't win, chances are, you don't survive the match, failing in completing the mission.

This is my strategy for completing the mission on the map Steppes. Of course the mission is do-able on other maps too, but this is how you should approach the game if you are aiming for Yoshio Tamada's Medal and Autumn Wind Style.

Wearing the Autumn Wind Style definitely proves you are a light tank driver that knows what he is doing and not just suicide scouting for 1k assisted damage in the first 2 minutes of the match.

Let me know your ideas, in the comments, of how you think this mission can be completed, if, in an easier way, or if this guide helped you do the mission and you would like to see my guides on other tanks/missions that are giving you a hard time to go through.

Happy Tanking 🙂

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