How to fix Ranked Battles

For players that want to be ranked according to skill there are already tourneys and clan wars running year round. Those modes actually reward players for being good and for winning matches. Ranked is as much about understanding the garbage psychology of the game mode as it is about actually being good at the game.

Because rank on the team is more important than winning, people deliberately avoid any risk, even if it would help the team. In fact, they have to deliberately avoid helping other players because that would relatively decrease their own rank in the match.

  • If you block a shot that would kill your low health teammate, you are decreasing your future ability to farm damage while you increase his.
  • If you go around to create a crossfire on the enemy team, you can take damage getting into position but the enemy will have to turn their turrets to engage you in the new position, making them vulnerable to teammates. This sort of behavior is vital in CW, but bad in ranked because you are sacrificing your own health to help your teammates deal damage.

To make the game mode less trash, I suggest the following changes (again):

  • Increase chevron awards across the board. Make it more like battle pass.
top 353
top 1021
bottom 510
  • Make the ranking system about number of chevrons gained, not chevrons/game. This encourages good players to continue playing after they complete the game mode and end up in a league.
  • Make the progression longer, maybe add in a bond or gold earning stage at the end like in ranked where getting more than a certain number of total chevrons earns you x gold/bonds per chevron. Or let people spend chevrons for rewards like camos, styles, directives, old non-meta prem tanks, etc.


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