How to make WoT more enjoyable?

The mechanics and MM bugs me.

When you toss a coin 1000 times you trigger mathematical theories like bi-nominal distribution, Fibbonacci sequences and so on. This explains why the average win rate in WoT is 48,x%. What it means is that if you just start a match 1000 times, but don't play, you should still see 48% WR.

So why does it fell like the game is punishing me on a daily basis?

The reason ppl have advanced conspiracy theories about the MM is because it's shit. It feels like the game is actively working against my WR, WN8 and general happiness.

Why do I constantly have 30-35% WR after the first 15-20 matches?

Why does platooning decrease WR? I've tried to get both my sons into WoT through the recruitment system, but platooning with a recruit means 0-20% WR. They both just quit after a few hundred matches, didn't see the point in this torture.

How is it possible that some of my tanks can sit at 25% WR even after 100 matches? As some streamer said: "If you have 35% WR or lower you must be actively trying to lose". Mathematically this makes sense, but not in WoT. Why?

How come more or less all my tier 5+ tech tree tanks sit at 30-40% WR during the upgrade phase?

No, I don't believe in conspiracies although it feels like I have some special attention from Wargaming to keep me frustrated. So the answer must be the game mode.

15 v 15 with no re-spawns isn't a very good mode. Throw in that WoT has a strange RNG factor also and you get some strange results. The game doesn't work like any other FPS game.

This is the first time I try Frontline. I started WoT 8 years ago, but this is my first. And I can see how this is WG trying to make WoT into a more common fps.

To me it seems like a step in the right direction, but somehow it doesn't feel wholehearted. Suddenly I can't use all my favorite tanks if they share crews. No stats, a whole set of new skills to grind and the whole mode is only focused on making credits.

So what can be done with WoT game mode to make it an enjoyable, yet competitive FPS game?


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