How to play the Obj. 260 most effectively?

Most of the posts about the Obj. 260 are just about doing the missions and not how to play it.

I see that it's a pretty unique tank in that it's a Russian heavy tank but has very quick speed and also quite nice gun handling. For this reason I feel like maybe just playing it like the typical Russian heavy might not be getting maximal use out of it.

Is it better to use it as more of a medium? Obviously it still has really bad camo, thick size, and bad gun depression so it's not really a medium. But maybe it would be more effective to go into medium lines to bully them instead.

Is this the most effective way to play this speedy heavy? If so, what maps do you like going med line on and what maps do you still stick with the standard heavy lines?

For example, maybe you could play the 1/2 Lane on Fisherman's Bay and try to take an aggressive position, which is usually only done with mediums.

Any particular spots you love getting to on certain maps that utilize the speed?



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