How to report Steel Hunt ‘riggers’

I’m creating this Post to inform you all that the Mod-Creator OldSkool created a Modification for the current Game Client that enables the Replay System for the Battle Royale Mode called Steel Hunter. It creates a replay file for every battle that you fight, when this Mod is installed.

For NA: (cf. EU-information at the End of this article)

As you maybe noticed, when following this Subreddit, WG-NA created a Support Section to hand in reports of people, so called, ‘Rigging’ in this Game Mode, by abusing the Matchmaker implementation and joining a Battle together, even though you aren’t platooning. It goes so far that multiple people come together to quickly ‘Rig’ the Rewards you can get by joining even in masses of platoons (consisting of 3 people each).

In this article the Support suggests to do this:

Please send a ticket to our Customer Support team with the following information:

– Reported player IGNs

– Link to a stream video (Youtube, Twitch, etc.) with timestamp (e.g. from XX:00 ~XX:00) of the relevant offense

– Screenshot of the final leaderboard of the match

The mod:

So, coming back to the Intention of this Post.With this modification(here’s the direct download) a .wotreplay file will be created that shows evidence of a fight that you have without any broken textures/mechanics, as far as I experienced it.

A little note: It only applies to newly fought battles with this modification installed. Also make sure you have ‘Replays’ in your Ingame Settings enabled*!*
If you want to show your love to OldSkool’s work then feel free to join his Discord and spread it there(found here)


Extract the zip file and put it into your /mods/[current-Game-Version] folder and your NEW (Steel Hunter)-replays will now get saved in the default /replays/ folder.

For the people on EU:

If you so far found a way to report these people at the WG-EU-Support Section, then please let me know of a solution and I’ll add it here.


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