Hungarian Tech Tree Proposal: Medium Tanks

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Last time I wrote about how a potential tech tree of Hungarian vehicles should look like. I have devoted my time in the past weeks working on the medium line. This time I will be talking about that, from the Straussler V-4 to post-war autoloading plans. Original article posted on The Armored Patrol.

The full proposal:

Branch Overview

  • Tier I: Straussler V-4
  • Tier II: 38M Toldi I
  • Tier III: 42M Toldi II
  • Tier IV: 40M Turán I
  • Tier V: 41M Turán II
  • Tier VI: 43M Turán III
  • Tier VII: 44M Tas Prototípus
  • Tier VIII: 44M Tas Korbuly-variáció
  • Tier IX: Projekt 88
  • Tier X: Projekt 100

From tankettes to autoloaders

I will include a section of development history and historical statistics for each vehicle, and how could their characteristics be represented in the game. I’d also like to mention how much Karika helped me with his remarkably comprehensive and trustworthy writings on Tank Encyclopedia, For the Record, or Wotinfo, but you can find everything in the sources. I highly recommend checking it out.

Tier I: Straussler V-4 (Light Tank V4)

In the interwar period, Hungarian engineer Miklós Straussler (Nicholas Straussler) was working on a tank design, which meets the requirements of the Ministry of Defence to be amphibious, well-protected, and have an excellent armament. As the vehicle would have had poor maneuverability, Straussler’s idea was to make the vehicle able to travel both on wheels and tracks.

His development led to the construction of a prototype in 1933, simply called Vontató-3 (Wrecker-3) for a pseudonym. His second, much-improved model, named Vontató-4, was completed by 1936. The V-4 was protected by a 26 mm strong armor and was armed with a 37 mm anti-tank gun and two machine guns.

The trials started in the same year and the vehicle was tested by the UK and Italy. The V-4 seemed to be relatively fast, but the tank could tip over easily, and the driving performance was quite bumpy.

A year later, the prototype’s weapon was changed to the 37M 40 mm L/46 (Bofors licensed) gun, and it was returned to Hungary for army trials. The V-4 went into service in 1937, but later, when it was compared with the Panzerkampfwagen I and the Landsverk L-60, the latter one won the trials. A small number of vehicles were built.

The first version of the V-4

The V-4 in the wheel mode, Italy

The second version of the V-4

The V-4 during trials

Sources: Tank Encyclopedia, Hadmérnök, Firearm Central, Wotinfo, For the Record


You can read the full article on The Armored Patrol, with all the module configurations, possible supertest characteristics, and even an unofficial gameplay included.

Module configuration of the 44M Tas

Supertest characteristics of the Turán II

The demonstration of the new loading system, gameplay included in the article

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