I am done. I’ve uninstalled World of Tanks (RANT)

I played this game alot in last year. I did roughly 20 000 battles in a spare of 1 year. You can call me a teen-ass no life shit, because that's what I was. I bought around 10 premium tanks and grinded 4 marathons. I've spend around 400$ for which I am ashamed of. I improved from 300wn8 and 46% at 5000 battles, to 2800wn8 and 58% winrate at 25000 battles. My garage went from 7 garbage tanks to almost 60 "best-pick" tanks and now I am leaving. I am tired of carrying clueless tomatos, I am tired of garbage rofl stomp battles, I am tired of corridor maps, I am tired of artillery overall and how cancer it is, I am tired of people in OP tanks playing in easy mode, I am tired of people spamming gold willy-nilly and calling it skill, I am tired of lucky enemies and their bullshit shots, I am tired of abysmal grinds and I am tired of garbage pew-pew shitty ass stock tanks. There is so much more I am tired of but I won't talk about it because it doesn't matter shit anyway. I am sick from the fact I've let this game control me for so long, I am young and I have alot of beautiful things to do and this damn game won't be part of my life anymore. I am leaving for a year atleast, and If I fucking come back, I'll be sure I won't commit to this frustrating, luck dependend, pay to play game. I need a good break and I demand a refund for a destroyed monitor, keyboard and plates, cups that happened to be on my desk when I was playing this game.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/joh8ye/i_am_done_ive_uninstalled_world_of_tanks_rant/

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